Eker | Corporate | Quality, Eker dairy was founded by Altan Eker in 1977 in Bursa exclusively producing yoghurt and ayran at the time. Eker continues to operate at the production facility that was constructed, expanded and modernized in 1982. Since the second generation members Ahmet Eker and Nevra Eker took over the management, Eker has been growing continuously undertaking new investments to enlarge and to update its dairy production technology to the world’s standards., Ayran, Yoghurt, Pasteurized Milk, UHT Milk, Butter, Cream, Kasar Cheese, White Cheese, Dairy Desserts, Bursa
Being aware of quality concept is an essential requirement for our success. Thereforei we, Eker Diaries Inc. attaching great importance to quality works. We have Food Registry and Production Certificates, approved by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, for all of our product range.

Besides, Eker Diaries has Quality Management System TS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate, Food Security Management System TS EN ISO 22000 certificate and Halal Food Compatibility certificate.
Consumer Satisfaction

To develop and produce products under standard and hygienic conditions, to which consumers trust while purchasing and consuming as well as which is continually preferred by the consumers.

Customer Satisfaction

To increase service quality, rendered to our clients and agencies, and to submit timely services. In order to cover customer requests at the highest level, to follow developments in technological and industrial areas. To implement and support “CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT” works in connection with application of such developments within our firm.

Satisfaction of Our Employees

To emsure all of our employees to adopt overall quality as a life philosophy by means of interactions and trainings, and consequently to increase our life standard. To maintain our personnel to be proud and happy to be from EKER.

Satisfaction of Our Suppliers

To ensure our producers and suppliers, which render goods and services, to adopt an overall quality awareness and to improve themselves in connection with “CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT” policies and targets of EKER.

Satisfaction of Shareholders

To increase company efficiency with our Quality Policies, and to a be firm, of which profitability increases continually and which finances its investments with its equities.
To maintain production of products, which are in compliance with designated and measurable quality criteria as well as which does not contaminated in connection with physical, chemical and microbiological aspects, as well as which does not jeopardize human health, and submission of the same to the customer.